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Design. Art. Architecture. We shape the worlds we inhabit to reflect our culture, history and experience. We shape spaces to define our nature and thereafter they shape us. What we create is testament to the vast, enduring potential of human ability and imagination. At MISK Design London, our international team of experts live to realise the potential of every building and bring it to life.


Graphite Square preview picture c.jpg
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Paris Garden 1 preview picture b.jpg
Watford preview picture.jpg
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hanover preview b.jpg
Harewood preview picture b.jpg
Chelsea preview picture c.jpg
Mayfair gallery preview picture.jpg
Threadneedle Preview.jpg

“We turn floorplates into thriving flexible workspaces, helping landlords drive yield and unlock the potential of their buildings.”




Ivana is an experienced architect with a history of working in architecture & interior design. She has led successful projects through every stage of development, from concept to finished product, producing work of exceptional quality. After her studies at BUT in Czech Republic, she’s proven her technical skills and talent working for ambitious industry practices, including Design Haus Liberty in London and Querkraft Architects in Vienna. Her work has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Architectural Digest, Design Anthology, Elle Decoration and Vogue.



Anna begun her career as architect in Italy, after her studies at Bari Polytechnic University. During her time there, she grew her passion for minimalist architecture and design, as well as photography and art. After her first professional experience, she moved to the UK, keen to explore new working adventures and to learn as much as possible. She joined Misk as an architect and designer, excited to challenge herself and experiment with new approaches. Before that, she worked as assistant architect for the firm Andy Martin Architecture, an award winning Architectural and Design practice.

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