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No. 1 Paris Garden

Interiors of reception and lounge space


1 Paris Garden, Southwark

Client:  Halkin Management

Number 1 Paris Garden, a 4-story art-deco warehouse in Southwark, had presented a challenge to many designers before we were commissioned to refurbish its reception and communal areas. The building, whilst boasting impressive industrial highlights of exposed M & E and a floorplate of 62,425 sqft, also lacks natural light. Illuminating the office’s unique character as an attractive, productive and professional environment would require a creative and innovative approach. Biophilic design is becoming increasingly important to corporate buildings and the people that inhabit them. We accepted that natural light was limited and turned this to our advantage. Drawing on a dark palette of greens, each plant was chosen and arranged as its own installation.

Photography:  Henry Woide

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