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18 King William Street

Concept design and feasibility


King William Street, City of London

Client:  FI Real Estate Management

A prominent building in the Bank conversation area, our plans will accentuate its presence and raise its aesthetic position to become a landmark becoming of the local area.

A curved glazed corner will add new geometry to the building, with perpendicular metal banding enhancing its verticality and giving it an air of magnetism.

Contemporary materials will be incorporated into a new façade, altering the buildings rhythm on the street level, and producing a coherent look and luxurious feel. The design is quietly confident in its minimalism, in keeping with the commanding style of architecture in London’s banking district.

The pedestrian’s journey will be vastly improved, the exterior and interior blending into a coherent narrative that will draw them into a new range of ground floor amenities, be they restaurant, office, or lifestyle.

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